of your child's greatest hits. From batting averages to piano recitals, AdotME helps organize and build a record of accomplishments for a child.


AdotME makes sharing filtered collections something extraordinary. We give you the ability to share specific parts your child’s personal yearbook in one beautiful, professional storyboard.. easy cheesy! Enrich by recording voice over stories and commentary about each photo and accomplishment Share accomplishments in collections with grandparents and friends, and preserve milestones


Watch your child's AWESOMENESS grow with the AdotME App. The AdotME App (pronounced ə-ˈdät-mē) is the leading application to capture, find, and keep track of all of your child's accomplishments. Accomplishments big and small—whether you are capturing your child's graduation from Kindergarten, scoring his/her first goal in soccer, earning that stellar "A" on the math test, or just doing household chores (making his/her bed, pulling weeds, taking out the trash, etc.)


The AdotME App captures the event (past or present) using auto smart tags to allow for super-easy searching and more importantly finding of all of your and your child's most coveted memories and accomplishments. AdotME smart tags instantly reads and captures exposing the data already contained in many of your photos (time, date, location). AdotME even accesses multiple databases to provide enhanced image smart tagging. You can easily add your own smart tags to further customize you’re AdotME experience.


Additionally, the AdotME App incorporates an exclusive "vouching" feature that allows you or others to verify any and every accomplishment! Now you can easily capture comments, and verified approval from teachers, coaches, and other leaders from your child's participation in enrichment activities, clubs, and service organizations. Your child gains a major competitive advantage as he/she begins building her resume, memory book, college app info the moment you start using the AdotME App.

What's your App do for me ?


Capture your child’s accomplishments logged in on place to organize a life resume from the beginning

Ahead of the Pack
Build a lifetime resume of accomplishments, photos, and vouchers with easy organization
Get Vouched
teachers & coaches can vouch for accomplishments along a his journey to success
Easy Social Sharing
Share beautiful filtered collections with granted access, expiration dates, and updates
Fine Tune Filter
Fine tune you teach and collections for specific accomplishments by rating, year, coach, ect.
When you tie what you already do together, you connect her to opportunities for her future.