5 things you should know about the “vouch”

adotme vouch jj_Vouching says that your child's accomplishments are for real

So what exactly is a vouch?

A vouch is a recommendation from someone who has played an important role in your child’s life. Every time you or your child add one of her accomplishments to AdotMe, you are making a claim that she did something awesome. And while having a visual record of what she did is extremely important, it doesn’t tell the whole story by itself.

Vouching allows an authoritative source to verify that your child did what she said she did. Think of it as a stamp of approval on your child’s accomplishment. Having verification from a third party will give that accomplishment added credibility. Ultimately, vouching adds value to your photos, giving you the power to improve your child’s future prospects. It is how to take each accomplishment from awesome to standout spectacular.

adotme vouch jj_Vouchers are Participants in the Accomplishments You Log


Who can be a voucher?

A voucher can be anyone who knows your child and can put in a good word for them. There are as many types of vouchers as there are types of accomplishments. Just take a look around. Who are the people in your child’s life? Teachers, coaches, mentors, church leaders, professionals, tutors, and neighbors are all candidates. It’s wide open. Feel free to ask anyone who has helped you child achieve something meaningful. Just make sure each voucher is someone you trust to give an honest appraisal of your child’s achievements.

adotme vouch jj_Requesting a vouch sends a photo with the date, place, tags, and notes

Can parents be vouchers?

Yes, of course! Parents can and should be vouchers too. Who knows your child better than you? While you might not be the most unbiased source to vouch for your child’s accomplishments, you certainly should contribute. Leave the majority of the touchdowns and game winning shots to the coaches. Sure a secondary vouch for those types of accomplishments doesn’t hurt. But focus in on the greatest good you can do for your child

As a parent you are in the best position to tell you child’s story. With your vouches you can provide a look into the heart and soul of your child and show off what your child is like behind the scenes. That’s not information that a coach or a teacher typically have access to. You know how your child acts from day to day at home and in other family settings. Acts of kindness and responsibility are just as important to her portfolio as swim championships. They tell the story of her character. So be sure to capture and vouch for those behind the scenes moments when they happen. Otherwise the rest of the world will never know.

adotme vouch jj_A vouch request can be confirmed or denied.

How does the vouching process work?

After you capture and tag an accomplishment of your child doing something amazing, you need only tap on the word “Unvouched” beneath the photo. This will bring up a field to enter your voucher’s email address and another field to write a quick note. Just give a quick explanation about the accomplishment and kindly ask for a vouch. After that tap “Send Request” and your vouch request is on its way.

Your voucher will get a friendly email notifying her that your child has requested a vouch. There will also be link that will take the voucher to a page with your child’s photo or video. There the voucher can “Approve” or “Decline” the vouch and make comments.

While you are waiting for a reply the status indicator will then read “Pending.” Once it has been accepted the status will say “Vouched” and have a green checkmark next to it. If for some reason the voucher chooses to decline the vouch then your status will say “Denied” alongside a red exclamation mark. If that is the case, you can always resend your vouch request with further clarification.

And there you have it. Super easy.

adotme vouch jj_Vouching creates an army of advocates testifying of your childs behalf.

What are the benefits of vouching?

Vouches are important to your child’s future because each one is like a pocket-sized letter of recommendation. Vouchers are authorities on your child’s accomplishments because hey have seen what your child has achieved with their own eyes. And they have played a meaningful role in helping her develop. So their comments and validation will carry weight when it is time for your child to share her portfolio.

Vouching says that your child’s accomplishments are for real. If you collect enough of these over the years your child will have an army of advocates testifying in her behalf. And when an interviewer sees that, it won’t be hard for her to understand just how amazing your child is.

adotme vouch jj_Vouching says that your child's accomplishments are for real

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