The Future is Wide Open

The Future is Wide Open

When you are a kid anything is possible. The future hasn’t happened yet. And you can grow up to be whoever you want to be. Firefighters, astronauts, and presidents all have to start somewhere after all. When you are a kid, you dream big, and your imagination is in full force. It is a good time to be alive.


But all too often our dreams begin to shrink when we get older. Doubt enters in. And then we get to thinking that maybe a career in professional sports or as a brain surgeon isn’t very likely. Maybe it’s time to grow up and settle for something more practical; something a little less grandiose. And that means one more dream has gone down the drain.

Where does that feeling that anything is possible go? It’s sad to say, but a lot of adults have experienced this transition from all out inspiration to settling for just getting by. Somewhere along the way that child-like faith gets lost in the mix, and we stop believing we can be whoever we want to be.

Still, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not for us, and especially not for our kids. Sure, life gets more complicated as you grow up. But that doesn’t mean your dreams should have to die.

The good news is that AdotME is here to help. AdotME is designed to help you teach your kids to “Dream big and never give up.” As your child begins hitting those meaningful milestones, be sure to capture each one. All of them can be used to mark her journey. And every one can be used to strengthen her on those days when she wants to call it quits.

You already know that there will be days when she falls flat on her face, and her dreams feel frustratingly out of reach. That’s just part of the process. And you know those same doubts that assailed you while you were growing up will be after her too. But as you consistently collect your child’s accomplishments, you can help her overcome the adversity. This is because reminding her of how far she has come will instill in her newfound strength.


Dreams require hard work and determination. What did Thomas Edison say? Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Obviously, success doesn’t happen overnight. Still, your child may not realize how much trial and error is involved or the commitment that will be required of her. But because you have been through it before, you know how important it is to never give up. This is a lesson you can help teach her by revisiting what she has accomplished up until now.

As you look back together on what she has accomplished, you might want to teach her a thing or two about perseverance. Or you may want to share with her the pride you feel for how far she has come. Either way, looking back can make pressing forward feel increasingly possible. It’s like saying to yourself, “Hey, I’ve already conquered some incredible challenges in my life. I can do it again. And I know that because the proof is right there.” It’s hard to dispute your awesomeness when you have it right in front of your eyes.

Every day we have opportunities to impact our kids in a positive way. They look up to us, and they believe what we tell them. What will you say? Will you tell them not to get your hopes up since the world is a competitive place? Or will we tell them that you believe in them and that the future is wide open? If your child ever feels discouraged or thinks she can’t meet the next challenge, just remind her that you have faith in her and give her credit for what she has achieved. Having your support will work wonders.


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