Isabella gets an Internship

Isabella gets an Internship

Isabella just got her first after school job! She’s following her passion for animals and is now is interning after school at a local veterinary office. As a part of her application she used the AdotME app to share how she had been involved with animals from the time she was a kid. From rescuing of her cat, Milo, to walking neighbor’s dogs, she had at it all at her fingertips.
Isabella loved animals since she was small beginning with a chance encounter one morning with a kitten when she was five. Isabella heard a mewing sound outside her bedroom window. Minutes later Isabella and her mom were coaxing a scrawny kitten out from under a flower bush. Isabella facilitated the kitten’s care, and mom documented an Awesome experience.

Isabella’s mom took pictures and shared them on Facebook hoping one of their neighbors might recognize the kitten. She also added the best pics to Isabella’s AdotME account and described how Isabella was helping to take care of the kitten.

With no leads, Isabella’s parents decided to take the kitten to the vet for a checkup and shots. Isabella impressed the veterinarian and her technician with the story of how she found and nurtured the kitten.

Tracking Isabella’s dutiful care of the kitten on her Adotme account, Isabella’s mom asked the vet and her technician if they would they would vouch for Isabella’s participation in this little accomplishment. And they gladly did. They also noted her “impressive young aptitude” and “willingness to learn.”

Over the years, her mom continued to add to AdotME with photos and vouches of all kinds.

With a simple filter and a share, all of Isabella’s animal-related activities, accomplishments and vouches became her vouched resume.

Isabella captured all kinds of sports and academics on AdotME, but it was the captured accomplishments with animals that came into play today.

The Veterinarian was impressed by the range of Isabella’s experiences and the kinds of comments from the vouchers, and reminded that she herself had vouched for Isabella in her care of a kitten ten years ago.

It’s no wonder that Isabella landed her first job at the local veterinary office today.

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