The Awesome Cycle


Your child does amazing things everyday.

You know that. You have watched it happen since day one. And you have been cheering her on the whole way. There is no denying that it has been awesome. And you wouldn’t trade it for the world. So it’s no surprise you are always taking pictures, posting on social media, and bragging to your friends about what she has been up to. But have you ever stopped to think all those awesome moments could actually benefit her down the road?

Well, that is what AdotMe and its Awesome Cycle is all about. In three easy steps you can turn every meaningful memory and moment into a tool for enhancing your child’s future success. AdotMe is THE Accomplishment Tracker for parents who want to give their children to a head start to success. Here’s a breakdown of how AdotMe’s Awesome Cycle works.


Awesome Stage 1: Accomplishments

Every day your child accomplishes things you don’t want to forget. Maybe it’s her Kindergarten graduation, a winning soccer goal, or earning that stellar “A” on a math test. Accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes and they happen all the time.

Whenever you start feeling that parental pride, all you need to do is take a photo or a video, save it to AdotMe, and tag it for easy discovery down the road. AdotMe captures each event (past or present) using auto smart tags. This allows for super-easy searching and discovery of all of your child’s most coveted memories and accomplishments. These smart tags instantly read and capture the data already contained in many of your photos. Dates, times, and locations are all locked in.

Put this all together and you have the power to create a detailed portfolio of all you child’s greatest hits. Think of it as creating the historical proof of your child’s achievements. AdotMe helps you organize anything and everything your child does to help you tell the story of her awesomeness.


Awesome Stage 2: Accolades

Though AdotMe may be about helping you capture and organize your child’s most important moments, there is much more to it than that. Picture proof is great, but it’s not enough. If you want those moments to pay off in the future, you need an authoritative stamp of approval. That’s where AdotMe’s “vouching” feature comes in. Vouching adds value to your photos, giving you the power to improve your child’s future prospects.

So what is vouching and how does it work? It’s simple. A vouch is a recommendation from anyone who has played a role in your child’s life. A voucher might be a swim coach, a physics teacher, a church leader, or a role model of any kind. And yes, of course, parents can be vouchers too. It’s wide open. Anyone who has helped you child achieve something meaningful is a candidate.

Vouchers are the authorities for your child’s accomplishments because they have been there. They have witnessed what your child has achieved with their own eyes. And it is likely that they have played a meaningful role in helping your child as well. Having a voucher on your side to testify of what your child has done is a powerful tool. Their recommendations give credibility to your child’s accomplishments.


Awesome Stage 3: Activation

So you have been compiling photos and vouches for all the cool stuff your child has been doing. And it is turning into a gigantic portfolio. So now what? Well, it is time to activate what you have organized. Since you have already been tagging all your child’s accomplishments, you just need to decide what you want to use it for.

It’s really up to you and your child how you want to use it. Every child has different aspirations and goals. While one may dream of making it to the big leagues someday, another may want be an astronaut or play in an orchestra. But regardless of differences, AdotMe gives your child a competitive advantage when it comes to to act on those dreams. It allows you to turn your photos and vouches into actionable results.
Opportunities are bound to arise. Maybe it is that first after school job and your child wants to show off her work ethic. Just do a search for the tags you think are relevant: #Chores, #ReportCard, #Babysitting. How convenient would it be to have a record of all the chores she completed on time, all her good grades, and all the times she babysat for the neighbor’s kids all in one spot? A collection of moments like that can say a lot about your child’s character.

Or how about when she applies for college and that dance scholarship? Everything she needs is at her fingertips. #SeniorProject, #VolunteerWork, #DanceAwards. What an incredible to supplement her application. Not only does she have all the standard parts and pieces everyone else has (the transcript, the essay, and the test scores), but she also has an in-depth portfolio of everything she has accomplished over the years. It’s all right there. Every photo, every vouch. Her awesomeness is plain for all to see. And that just might give her an advantage over the rest of the other applicants.


Awesome Stage 4: Ascend

AdotMe’s Awesome Cycle is all about watching your child’s awesomeness grow and then using it to help her secure a better future. But just because she succeeds in one goal, it doesn’t mean her journey is through. There are more mountains to climb on the horizon. After all, there is life beyond first jobs and getting into college. The future holds endless possibilities.

The remarkable thing about AdotMe is that it will keep on giving for a lifetime. As your child passes into adulthood and prepares to take on new challenges, she can continue adding new accomplishments to her portfolio. There is no age limit. If she has dreams, goals, and visions of her future self, then AdotMe is ready to help her succeed. It is just as useful to professionals as it is to up-and-comers.

With AdotMe your child has the tools to go anywhere and do anything. By creating a portfolio and participating in the Awesome Cycle, she will no doubt reach new heights, secure prestigious opportunities, and showcase a life of awesomeness.

You already know you child’s story is going to be exceptional. Now it’s time to get started compiling the evidence so your child can use it when it counts.

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