What’s should be in your child’s collection?

adotme vouch jj_The future is wide open.

What should you put in your child’s AdotME collection?

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Since every collection is tailored to the goals of each child, no two collection are going to be the same. So it all depends on what you and your child hope to accomplish. A girl aiming for a performing arts scholarship in college is going to have a very different portfolio from a boy who spends his evenings building contraptions for his after school robotics club.

The key is to look at what you and your child want to accomplish. What are your goals? Those future plans more than anything else will determine the contents of your child’s collection. But even though collections will vary, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind that will help ensure success.

1. Focus on what is most relevant to your child’s goals

Before posting to AdotME, always ask yourself if the photo or video is relevant to your goals. This may seem obvious, but it is easy to overlook. For example, though your daughter losing her first tooth is a moment you will always want to remember, it is not necessarily an ideal fit for your her collection. Sure, maybe it would work if she wants to be a dentist when she grows up, but even then it is less an accomplishment and more a happy memory.

So if your child’s goal is to be a concert pianist, that lost tooth pic probably isn’t going to do her much good down the road. The truth is that as parents, we think that most everything our children do is awesome. And we should, because to us it is. But when it comes to preparing for our children’s futures it is vital to differentiate between what is meaningful to us and what will be useful to them down the road.

This is not to say that AdotME isn’t a fantastic resource for organizing family memories. It certainly is. And many people use it just for that. But if you are intent on helping your child get ahead in the future, it is probably best to keep those special family moments tagged separately from the professional collection you are building.


adotme vouch jj_The future is wide open.

2. Plan out the story you want to tell

The accomplishments you collect in AdotME should be more than just a random compilation of amazing things your child did over the years. No, they need to work together to tell the story of your child’s growth and success. That way, when the time comes to share them, all those accomplishments feel like they have all been part of a plan.

Everything about your child’s portfolio should cry out how she has been prepared for to reach her goals. Whatever that pivotal moment might be, you want your child’s AdotME portfolio to impress. If your child is interviewing for a job, then you want her potential employer to easily understand the story of her accomplishments.

A good story will illustrate your child’s character. It will show how her accomplishments have worked together to prepare her to meet her goals. On the other hand, while a collection of random accomplishments might be impressive, it doesn’t paint the bigger picture. So make sure you have a clear narrative in mind and that the accomplishments you include in her portfolio all contribute to it.

3. Clearly mark your child’s growth and progress

As you tell your child’s story via AdotME, keep in mind the importance of marking your child’s growth. This ties right into storytelling. Accomplishments should build off of one another so her progression is obvious. If she started at point A, skipping right to point Z without is going to leave a lot of gaps. And it’s not going to do much good if all her potential employer sees is that first job chart with all the gold stars.

Your child’s growth needs to be marked all along the way. Every milestone needs to be included. By showing her progression, you create a logical flow of events. And that will help interviewers to easily understand the narrative. Seeing how one achievement leads into another is a must. This allows her accomplishments to build momentum and it shows that she is ready for the grand finale.

4. Always, always include your child’s greatest hits

Finally, as you collect, tag, and vouch all of your child’s accomplishments, remember to go heavy on the greatest hits. AdotME was created to help your child shine. Just like building a resume or a LinkedIn profile, you want to showcase what sets your child apart from everyone else. So don’t be bashful about focusing on her strengths. You know what they are.

An AdotME portfolio is the place to show off what makes your child amazing.. So include all those mega milestones and brag-worthy achievements. Include the best of what she has done so she can make a powerful impression when she needs to. You want all her (and your) hard work and determination to pay off right? Well, with AdotME you can make that happen.

No matter what your child dreams of becoming in the future, try using these helpful hints to reinforce her AdotMe portfolio and maximize her prospects. The future is wide open. With AdotME and plan for success, your child has the tools to go anywhere and do anything.

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