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3 Things You Should Do To Track Your Child’s Accomplishments in Soccer

3 Things You Can Do To Track Your Child’s Accomplishments in Soccer Just by taking a few quick snaps and videos of your child in action will go along way to track accomplishments in soccer, as well as create wonderful memories, help them improve their skills and can greatly increase their chances of playing soccer on a higher level (Club, High School, College, etc.) Why track accomplishments in soccer It seems every child is now playing soccer, and why shouldn’t they it is a tremendous game. It fosters individual development and working in small groups and and as a whole team. The game is fun, fast moving and it is truly a players’ game! So, with everyone playing soccer how can you son or daughter stand out? How can they achieve the develop opportunities necessary and appropriate for their ability. Here are a few things that I recommend to track accomplishments in soccer all parents do if their child intends on playing soccer at a higher level: Memorable photos of your child’s victories are a great motivator in sports and life Snap a pic of games you win Capture all of those winning moments and scores to share with future coaches—club, […]

The Future is Wide Open

The Future is Wide Open

The Future is Wide Open When you are a kid anything is possible. The future hasn’t happened yet. And you can grow up to be whoever you want to be. Firefighters, astronauts, and presidents all have to start somewhere after all. When you are a kid, you dream big, and your imagination is in full force. It is a good time to be alive.     But all too often our dreams begin to shrink when we get older. Doubt enters in. And then we get to thinking that maybe a career in professional sports or as a brain surgeon isn’t very likely. Maybe it’s time to grow up and settle for something more practical; something a little less grandiose. And that means one more dream has gone down the drain. Where does that feeling that anything is possible go? It’s sad to say, but a lot of adults have experienced this transition from all out inspiration to settling for just getting by. Somewhere along the way that child-like faith gets lost in the mix, and we stop believing we can be whoever we want to be. Still, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not for us, and especially […]


How Soccer Coach Davis Used AdotME to Create a Winning Team

How Soccer Coach Spence Used AdotME to Create a Winning Team After playing four years of D1 soccer in college, I took some time off to travel and play professional soccer for a local club in France. When I returned to the states, I started coaching club soccer. One of my former teammates, who was running the boys teams for one of the better soccer clubs in SoCal, called me to see if I wanted to coach. I jumped at the chance. I guess my thirst for soccer was still strong. However, I quickly found out that coaching was not the same as playing. Things I took for granted throughout my playing days just weren’t present in many of my players. The majority of my 05 and 06 teams were quite talented, and their families were extremely supportive. But there were a lot of times that everyone was not on the same page. And it cost us. The team struggled unnecessarily, and the players were missing opportunities that they deserved. A friend told me he’d had a similar challenge with one of his teams. Something that helped him turn things around was an app called AdotME. He had just recently […]

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5 things you should know about the “vouch”

So what exactly is a vouch? A vouch is a recommendation from someone who has played an important role in your child’s life. Every time you or your child add one of her accomplishments to AdotMe, you are making a claim that she did something awesome. And while having a visual record of what she did is extremely important, it doesn’t tell the whole story by itself. Vouching allows an authoritative source to verify that your child did what she said she did. Think of it as a stamp of approval on your child’s accomplishment. Having verification from a third party will give that accomplishment added credibility. Ultimately, vouching adds value to your photos, giving you the power to improve your child’s future prospects. It is how to take each accomplishment from awesome to standout spectacular.   Who can be a voucher? A voucher can be anyone who knows your child and can put in a good word for them. There are as many types of vouchers as there are types of accomplishments. Just take a look around. Who are the people in your child’s life? Teachers, coaches, mentors, church leaders, professionals, tutors, and neighbors are all candidates. It’s wide […]

adotme vouch jj_The future is wide open.

What’s should be in your child’s collection?

What should you put in your child’s AdotME collection? Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Since every collection is tailored to the goals of each child, no two collection are going to be the same. So it all depends on what you and your child hope to accomplish. A girl aiming for a performing arts scholarship in college is going to have a very different portfolio from a boy who spends his evenings building contraptions for his after school robotics club. The key is to look at what you and your child want to accomplish. What are your goals? Those future plans more than anything else will determine the contents of your child’s collection. But even though collections will vary, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind that will help ensure success.   1. Focus on what is most relevant to your child’s goals Before posting to AdotME, always ask yourself if the photo or video is relevant to your goals. This may seem obvious, but it is easy to overlook. For example, though your daughter losing her first tooth is a moment you will always want to remember, it is not necessarily an ideal fit for your […]


The Awesome Cycle

Your child does amazing things everyday. You know that. You have watched it happen since day one. And you have been cheering her on the whole way. There is no denying that it has been awesome. And you wouldn’t trade it for the world. So it’s no surprise you are always taking pictures, posting on social media, and bragging to your friends about what she has been up to. But have you ever stopped to think all those awesome moments could actually benefit her down the road? Well, that is what AdotMe and its Awesome Cycle is all about. In three easy steps you can turn every meaningful memory and moment into a tool for enhancing your child’s future success. AdotMe is THE Accomplishment Tracker for parents who want to give their children to a head start to success. Here’s a breakdown of how AdotMe’s Awesome Cycle works.     Awesome Stage 1: Accomplishments Every day your child accomplishes things you don’t want to forget. Maybe it’s her Kindergarten graduation, a winning soccer goal, or earning that stellar “A” on a math test. Accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes and they happen all the time. Whenever you start feeling […]


Landon’s Cub Scout Portfolio

Start Tracking Accomplishments Landon's Scout Portfolio Landon had been working on his Wolf badge at Cub Scouts for the better part of a year. But no one knew what he still had left to do to earn it. Scout leaders worked with Landon every Wednesday teaching him outdoors and life skills. At home Landon and his parents teamed up on other projects. But communicating and organizing everything Landon did was tricky. His first year of scouts was a mess. A lot of Landon’s accomplishments didn’t get recorded. And this meant that Landon almost missed out on earning his Wolf Badge even though he had put in the work. It wasn’t until the last minute with the deadline approaching that his parents figured out what exactly Landon had done that past year. Landon takes pride in what he is learning and his mom and dad do too. But as great as it is, it is hard to keep track of it all. Landon’s parents knew they had let things slip through the cracks with their oldest son now applying for college. They found out about AdotME through another parent at Landon’s school. She had been using the app to track all […]

Isabella gets an Internship

Isabella gets an Internship

Isabella just got her first after school job! She’s following her passion for animals and is now is interning after school at a local veterinary office. As a part of her application she used the AdotME app to share how she had been involved with animals from the time she was a kid. From rescuing of her cat, Milo, to walking neighbor’s dogs, she had at it all at her fingertips. Isabella loved animals since she was small beginning with a chance encounter one morning with a kitten when she was five. Isabella heard a mewing sound outside her bedroom window. Minutes later Isabella and her mom were coaxing a scrawny kitten out from under a flower bush. Isabella facilitated the kitten’s care, and mom documented an Awesome experience. Isabella’s mom took pictures and shared them on Facebook hoping one of their neighbors might recognize the kitten. She also added the best pics to Isabella’s AdotME account and described how Isabella was helping to take care of the kitten. With no leads, Isabella’s parents decided to take the kitten to the vet for a checkup and shots. Isabella impressed the veterinarian and her technician with the story of how she […]